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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Board of Aldermen to Meet on Thursday

The Somerville Board of Aldermen will be resuming their regular schedule this Thursday August 28th at 7:00 PM in the Aldermanic Chambers. The agenda has been posted on the meeting portal.

There are 3 ways you can view the action live:
1.) Show up to the meeting
2.) Stream online through the meeting portal
3.) Watch Channel 13 if you have RCN or Channel 22 if you have Comcast.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the Aldermen Agenda for the 28th; it appears the rodent problem is spreading unabated (no pun intended) throughout the city.

As for "fixing" the flooding problem item, also on the Agenda, no way that's ever going to be fixed.
Depending upon the serverity of a storm; some streets prone to flooding, will continue to flood, and others only when a big rain hits.

Anonymous said...

Washington Street underpass has been a problem with flooding for decades.
People in cars caught in rising water at that location, literally had to be rescued by Somerville firemen.

Union Square area has been a problem for years; as are many other locations throughout the city.

The only solution is not going to happen because of the cost; and that is to replace the entire city pipeline below the ground; and get some co-operation from The DCR regarding the waterwys under their control.
If you bet on that happening you will lose your bet.