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Friday, August 29, 2014

Greek Music & Food Festival...Because There is No Party Like a Greek Party and a Greek Party Don't Stop!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic outing for Greeks and Non-Greeks. They really know how to put on a gig.

I digress, but a bit of history, if allowed by Ward 5.

Years ago the Greek Church site was the location of the Somervile Lodge of Elks; they relocated to the corner of Highland Ave & Central Street.
Now a parking lot.

The Somerville Elk Lodge no longer exists in Somervile.

The old Moose Lodge further down going west on Highland Ave. suffering the same fate.

Sad that both those organizations no longer in Somerville.

The statue of the huge Elk that was in front of the Highland Ave. Elk lodge can now be seen on the grounds of the Wakefield Elks; visible from Route 128.