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Friday, August 1, 2014

New Trees Hit Ward 5

Some slight traffic congestion was worth it this past week as crews planted brand-new trees in various locations around Ward 5 that included Medford Street (by Central), Magoun Square, Lowell Street and Vernon Street. Many more locations are still marked with stakes, but the new installations are being well-received by residents.

After planting over 500 between 2010 and 2012, the City is looking to plant another 575 on it's way to 2,000 total by the end of 2015. Twelve species of trees will be planted over the course of the month, including red maple, silver linden and sweetgum (Read the full press release here).


Anonymous said...

Trees are nice..BUT: Trees can be your friend by providing shade, color, etc., or can be your "enemy" by coming down on to your property, house etc; as known to be when, all too often, causing injury, death, property damage (Revere damage just days ago---Tewksbury/Wilmington recently, etc.)

Sometimes, the "pros" fail to consider the reaches of the trees, their roots, and their branches, when a tree reaches full maturity.

Ever have squirrels finding their way into your attic house eves; gaining access off tree branches too close to the roof; happened to my house years ago.

Ever have a snow laden branch fall onto your parked car and crush your roof? I did.
Luckily, empty of people at the time.

And what they do to sidewalks as they grow; as we have all seen, needs no explanation.

Plant trees, fine, when common sense as to where to put one is
brought to bear.

Read again my 2nd paragraph above!

Anonymous said...

On a street in my neighborhood, where the sidewalks are narrower than normal, there were three trees planted several years ago resulting in three locations where a person pushing a baby carriage or stroller is forced into the street to continue on their way; and an elderly or disabled person is put in harm's way by even passing through alone.

There was one situation where a tree never should of been planted (a narrow sidewalk) where I personally knew the resident involved; his wife had problems walking. He contacted the DPW to fix the problem directly in front of their house; it took six months to eliminate the problem, and only after my friend contacted a "higher authority."