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Monday, August 11, 2014

Piro Printing Property Up For Sale

The printer that has helped residents, local businesses and politicians, alike, is leaving Magoun Square after decades of being in business.

For Sale signs now adorn the Piro Printers business and three family home located at 483 Medford Street. This comes just 6 months after the business relocated in Charlestown combining with another print shop (AB Printing) that, according to Marc Piro, "is more modern and streamlined." 

"Magoun Square has been very good to my family," said Piro when I spoke to him on the phone. "I'm learning new things with newer and more modern machinery."

Marc Piro has run the business for many years providing print services that included wedding invitations, business cards, political signage and campaign literature for local politicians. It was through Piro that I had my yard signs, palm cards, lapel and bumper stickers made when I ran for Alderman last year.

At this time, no price has been set for the property, however, a phone number and email address is provided on the sign for potential buyers.

Although saddened to see the property up for sale, I hope this gives Marc and his family an opportunity to move on to bigger and better adventures. I wish him the best of luck and thank him for his years of service to the Somerville community.


Somerville Beat said...

I've been wondering about that property since I saw they moved operations to Charlestown and now that it's for sale. Thanks for providing an update!

Anonymous said...

It was the great grandfather who started that business at that venue.

He also taught printing at the old Western Junior High School (now the TAB Bldg) on Holland Street.

The Piro family not only produced political signage; two of them were into politics in a big way.

Vinnie Piro, and Peter Piro as Ward 5 Alderman; and Vinnie as a state rep who got himself into a bit of "illegal" stuff and suffered the political consequences.

He, Vinnie, also was a very good basketball player at Somerville High.

The Cedar Street bridge was named for Peter.

Anonymous said...

Not to be confused with Walter Pero(spelled different, pronounced the same)no relation to the Piro's.) Walter a former Ward 4 Alderman; who lives a short distance east of Magoun Square on Medford Street.

Anonymous said...

This space would be great as a little farmers market or cafe.

Anonymous said...

The "illegal stuff" involving Vinnie Piro was quite a serious affair; several other were also involved.

One alderman served a year in jail; another also served some time.

Vinnie, victim of a stinging operation by a FBI agent, was indicted on several counts; his trial was declared a mistrial
and he never was convicted or had to serve time.

He admitted to taking money from the FBI sting person; but three weeks later he attempted to return
the money.

He claimed his "conscience" bothered him; but word on the street was he found out the person giving him the bribe money was a FBI Agent.

All had to do with Assembly Square when it became, for the first time, up for grabs by developers for the first Assembly Square Mall; not the current Assembly as we now see it.

If any want to know the whole story, and other city persons involved, just google Vincent Piro State Rep.

The whole story is there for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

We are all fully aware of the past. Jesus...get over it.

Anonymous said...

YOU may be aware of the past; but YOU cannot speak for others; particularly those who have located/moved into the Ward 5 area, and into the city, since the subject took place.

Change your: "we are all fully aware" to.... "I am fully aware"... and you will be okay to "get over it." No problem!

For others it might be a bit of Somerville history of interest dealing with local pols who walked a crooked line.

Anonymous said...

Piro isn't in politics anymore. Somerville is trying to move forward and I am sick and tired of the yuppy barnies dwelling on the past. Go back to Cambridge and Brookline.

Anonymous said...

yuppie barnie"-----"go back to Cambridge and Brookline"----nice guess, but you couldn't be more wrong. I was born and raised in Somerville.

Jeff said...

Yes--there is a history here and yes people do still talk about it. People got in trouble and it is a stain that remains on Somerville and those residents who were involved.

The point of this posting by Court was to let people know that the house and business is being sold.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Jeff!

I/we were guilty of digressing.

It ends here! (at least for this poster)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, get over it vinny Piro has nothing to do with the property!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not great grandfather, it was the grandfather!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, back atcha!

The founder of Piro Printing and school teacher, has been followed by three Piro generations, making him,the founder, a great-grandfather.

Anonymous said...

It was Guy T Piro, he was a teacher at Northeaster not Western, Peter was his son and Marc is Peter's son.....So it was Marc's Grandfather who started the business!!! Marc's great grandfather work for the telephone company!!!!

Anonymous said...

People should really get their facts straight before making statements!
Guy T. Piro Started the business...he taught at Northeaster Jr. High School....not Western..he taught printing...his son Peter ran the business for many years...with the help of his entire family...his son took over the business when he passed away....Guy T. Piro's father worked at the telephone company..he never was in the printing business!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The founder of Piro printing Guy T a great great grandfather! 4 generations not 3!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unless Mr.Piro was only filling in as a temporary print teacher at Western, my father who graduated 9th grade from Western in 1946, had Mr. Piro as a printing teacher. A picture taken there showed Mr. Piro among three other teachers my father had there at that time.
The picture also showed Mr.Piro holding a cane.

My father never attended Northeastern Junior High; by residence only eligible for enrollment at Western

Possibly, if a temp at Western, that is when Mr. Piro then went to and taught at Northeastern.

Anonymous said...

BTW---the picture cited above also showed three other shop teachers at Western at that time:
Mr. Dewey, woodworking
Mr. Farnsworth, metal work
Mr. Bologna, mechanical drawing.

Anonymous said...

I believe I know the answer to where Mr.Piro taught printing.

He taught at both schools at the same time. Some days of the week at one and other days of the week at the other.

When World War 2 broke out the then printing teacher at Western, a Mr. Cosgrove, was either drafted or enlisted in the military. He returned as a full time teacher at Western replacing Mr. Piro who remained at Northeastern.

Anonymous said...

I remember taking typing/print setting at the Western. Was the last class to do so.


Anonymous said...

Right, shops were pupil "Electives"--not mandatory.

All shops were set up in the basement, along with some pretty sophisticated tools and equipment; particularly in the printing and metal shops.

Other students who were more into wanting to earn a living with the classes offered including auto repair, electricity, carpentry, painting and plumbing; went to the old Vocational School on Cross Street since relocated to Somerville High's main campus.

The students at Cross also included girls interested in sewing and cooking classes.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the issue of Mr. Piro teaching at Western has been settled. He did teach printing there.

Anonymous said...

The poster (above) who said about other posters "people should get their facts straight before making statements"...and emphasized that Mr. Piro never taught at Western Junior High, should of follwed his or her own advice and got his or her facts straight before making that statement.

Anonymous said...

I lived as a child with geatano and Maddie on winter hill , they were both exemplary persons, their family Paul,Julie,Steven, were nothing but kind.