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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RoundUp: Ward 5 Online's favorite #Somerville photos on the Interwebs

Here's a roundup of Ward 5 Online's favorite #Somerville photos on the interwebs.

This will be an ongoing series where you can nominate tweeted or Facebooked (appropriate) #Somerville photos for this roundup by bringing it to my attention using @Ward5Online in your retweet or Facebook post.

Attending a great #Somerville event, frequenting a great local #Somerville business, or getting a photo-op with a #Somerville somebody are just a few ways that can get you considered for inclusion on Ward 5 Online!

One of my favorite Ward 5 residents, Belia Coakley, posted some great photos of her and her family on vacation. SCOA's Kim Moss couldn't help but Facebook the great time had by all at the Mayor's Senior Picnic. Hayes Morrison instagrammed a thank you from a tree-planting appreciative resident and Magic 106.7's David Allen Boucher informed his friends about Kickass Cupcake's closing. 


Jessica said...

Hi! The image of Kickass Cupcakes appears to be their location on Highland near Davis Sq. As far as I know, they've just moved to a new location on Highland closer to the Armory.

Anonymous said...

Loved their cupcakes; bought them once.
Truth be told, could not afford the price.