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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Word Around The Ward

I would like to wish my beautiful niece, Shannon, a very happy 2nd Birthday! Also celebrating this week is Ace Thunder Buddy! 

My condolences to Ward 5er Mike Arnold who lost his dog, Jax, to a disease carried by a dead rat the dog found in his yard. Read Mike's heartbreaking story over at the Somerville Times.

Did you participate in the ice bucket ALS challenge this week? Feel free to comment a link to your video below! You can view mine on my Google+ page.

If you are hearing noise from planes, please log a complaint to MassPort and 311. Somerville is looking to compile data on this issue from residents!

The Piros will be selling off home items on August 16th from 9-5pm at 483 Medford Street. Cash and carry!

Big thanks to the Somerville News Weekly and the Somerville Times for wishing me a Happy Birthday. You sure do know how to make a girl feel special.


Anonymous said...

About noise from planes over Somerville.

Massport has 30 plane noise monitoring stations where they record and track noise levels in just about all cities and towns surrounding the airport[ but NONE tracking Somerville per se.

The closest one, #22 on the list, is in Medford; Magoun Avenue at Thatcher Street.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the low flying planes are being routed over Somerville as opposed to Medford and other surrounding cities where noise levels are being tracked and recorded.

In the interest of getting good "readings" where noise is being tracked, Somerville is the way to go for low flying airplanes.

Our politicians should be aware, or made aware, of the fact that Somerville noise is not being tracked/recorded by Massport---and why not?

Anonymous said...

Planes are still being routed over Medford but at much higher altitudes than the lower altitudes being flown over Somerville.
Much lower at the wee hours of the morning disturbing sleep, and rattling windows in my house.

I believe we have been registering complaints for several years now; to no avail; getting only "lip-service" from state and local politicians.