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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Winter Hill is Getting Some Pavement Love!

Press Release from the City of Somerville...

Broadway in Winter Hill will be milled on Friday, Aug. 15 and repaved on Monday, Aug. 18 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. each day, from Dartmouth Street to Grant Street. Traffic in each direction will be open both days, with traffic diverted to the other side of Broadway as needed. Drivers should expect delays.

No parking will be marked and enforced on both sides of Broadway on Friday and Monday during construction hours. Business owners, customers and residents without parking stickers are encouraged to park on adjacent streets, where no ticketing will be in effect.

On Friday, access to driveways and parking lots on Broadway will be allowed, along with deliveries. On Monday during construction hours, there will be no access to driveways and parking lots on Broadway or deliveries allowed. If you need your vehicle during the day, please have it moved from the driveway or parking lot prior to 7 a.m. Also on Monday, Dartmouth Street will be closed at Broadway with two-way traffic allowed back to Evergreen Avenue.

Parking and access restrictions will not be in effect on Saturday or Sunday and pedestrian traffic will be unaffected during construction. Work will take place weather permitting; if rain is too heavy on Monday, paving will take place on Tuesday. If you have any questions, contact 311 (617-666-3311).


Anonymous said...

Gee...I wish we had someone that represented us that let us know about things like this...oh wait.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Courtney does a good job of keeping us posted; but, a City Hall spokesperson also keeps us a informed by both email and by phone.

All you have to do is call 311 and find out how to sign up for this service; as I did when the service was first announced.

Anonymous said...

RE: Second Comment

No--City Hall has a tough time with keeping us informed. Ward 2 did not have calls about Resi-stat meetings for a long time and lets not forget about the ball drop with tax letters and increases. Ward 5 also had a green line meeting where no phone calls were made and there was nothing from the city about the power outtage from last weekend.

Anonymous said...

We are not on the same page.

I presumed you were talking about street closures for events such as street re-construcion,road races, etc., where we get emails and phone calls informimng us well upfront of the event.

No doubt you are correct about the things you cited.

But are you saying City Hall should be pre-warning us about power outages? Or telling us why they occurred after the fact?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell do you live? I get the phone calls on a Friday-late afternoon about Sunday road closures and events. Do you get special treatment I don't?

Anonymous said...

I live on one of the streets that often is impacted. 24/36/48 hours advance notice is ample advance notice for me and my neighbors.

Where the hell do you live where the above does not work for you?

Or, are you looking for "special treatment"?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but 24 hours is absolutely not enough time for me especially considering the amount of money that this city spends on communication. Where do I live? In a city where I pay a shit-load of taxes. Give us an annual calendar of road races BECAUSE THEY SHOULD BE APPROVED A YEAR IN ADVANCE AND NOT JUST A FEW MONTHS!!

Anonymous said...

So now you said the event pre-approvals provide you with...a "FEW MONTHS" advance notice. ????
With that you do have your own calendar to write in the date and event.

Please explain why 24 hours is not enough time for you. Then we can go with why 36 or 48 hours is not good for you either because that advance time window is more often the rule rather than the exception.

By the way, how much money does this city spend on communication?
You appear to have a handle in knowing that.

Anonymous said...

So much for the above resident not being happy with event advance notices. The event 3-month pre-approvals, cited by the person,was there for him or her to mark on a calendar all along; after that fact was brought to his/her attention.