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Monday, September 1, 2014

Confirmation of Appointments to Interview Police Chief Nominee David Fallon

Deputy Chief David Fallon will be before a Confirmation of Appointments Committee of the Whole tomorrow for an interview after he was selected by Mayor Joe Curtatone as Somerville's next Chief of Police in early August. 

The meeting begins at 6:00 PM, is open to the public and will include all members of the Board of Aldermen.

Fallon was chosen among 37 other candidates over a process that lasted over 6 months and included a public survey that netted 200 responses by residents on what qualities they wanted their Police Chief to possess.

If recommended by the Committee, Fallon will be sworn in at the next Board of Aldermen meeting by City Clerk John Long. 


Anonymous said...

I can never understand why Somerville conducts a "world-wide search" for a police chief; complete with creating a committe, hiring a consultant at $50,000.OO and the entire process taking five or six months, when we have at least two or three qualified officers, who served as Acting Chiefs and/or Deputy Chiefs, all of whom came up through the ranks.

In my opinion a complete waste of time and taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with the above comment.

Anonymous said...

The State Police and all the military promotes from within their ranks; and I believe Somerville Fire does also.

And too many times when Somerville went "outside" the ranks and the city for a Police Chief, some resigned before their contract was up.

Let's stop the foolishnes, the time, the wasted time. energy, and taxpayer dollors.

We don't need a consultant @ $50,000.00 for promoting the likes of Chief Fallon.
He knows the city,the problem areas, and all who will be serving under his command from the get-go!

Same goes for the other Somerville Officers who were in the running for chief.

No, I am not a police officer or in any way on the city payroll.

Just a concerned taxpayer and citizen; but invite any replies (good, bad, or indifferent) as to my thinking on the subject.

Anonymous said...

$50,000 taxpayer's money wasted here, $50,000 wasted there, and elsewhere, pretty soon it amounts to quite a bit of "change."

Anonymous said...

I would venture a guess that more than half of the working people in Somerville earn less than fifty thousand dollars a year.
Paying a consultant (needlessly) fifty thousand dollars was absolutely absurd.

Another example of a waste of taxpayer money.
The Somerville Journal, a few weeks ago, reported that some city employees were paid a cumulative total of approximately seventy-seven thousand dollars in fiscal year 2014, for perfect attendance.

Gotta believe, some, if not many, were absent from their jobs one day or more, but were not recorded as being absent.
Just a rip-off of tax payers money.

Also, many are paid a very good salary
to be at their jobs.