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Monday, September 8, 2014

State Primary Tomorrow!

The State Primary is tomorrow! Please take the time to vote. Below, are all the voting locations in Ward 5. Please feel free to comment your number and time that you voted. Or, Tweet it to me using @Ward5Online.

Voting Locations for Ward 5

Precinct 1: Department of Public Works garage (Map)

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Precinct 2: Brown School, Kidder Avenue (Map)

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Precinct 3: Engine 7 Fire Station, 265 Highland Avenue (Map)

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Anonymous said...

Getting multiple phone calls from Mayor Curtatone endorsing different candidates, different offices.

My caller ID shows different cell phone numbers he is using.

I like the guy, I voted for him; but.......his calls are starting to pee me off.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when politicians and people supporting them are going to wise up and stop with the phone calls to voters.

I don't know of any friend or relative of mine who doesn't get annoyed by these phone calls; often-times turning a voter against the subject candidate.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that our Mayor supported and endorsed both Tolman and Finegold via phone calls to voters, etc., and neither one carried Somerville. Particularly Tolman who was beaten badly in Somervile.

A "thought" (just a guess) on Tolman.
He came out in one of his tv ads as, if elected, being against casinos in Massachusetts.
I "believe" he lost the pro-casino voters in Somerville.

The November ballot on casinos "may" bear out the fact that voters in Somerville will vote for casinos. We will see!

Anonymous said...

.......and why not, it's a known fact that a great many Somervillians make frequent trips to out of state casinos to gamble; including, but not limited to, Vegas and Atlantic City.

A casino very much closer to home would make a lot of Somerville gamblers happy.

(not ignoring the fact that some gamblers become addicted losers and get themselves & families into big trouble)

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr. Tolman made a huge poitical mistake by stating in his TV ads that he would work towards not permitting casinos in our state, if elected.
He lost my vote for that reason.

Given how soundly he lost district-wide when the final votes were tallied; he may have shot himself in the foot, not only in Somerville, but elsewhere as well.

In fact, I believe if Mayor Curtatone was running for re-election at this time; with any kind of a formidable opponent, and his stand on not wanting casinos in Mass., he might just lose; or, win by a much narrower margin than he is use to garnering.

But give both Mr. Tolman and Mayor Curtatone credit for speaking out on their position regarding casinos, letting the chips fall where they may with the voters who are all for casinos.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe when the results are in for the casino question on the November ballot; Massachusetts voters will vote approval.

If I'm wrong, so be it!