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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Word Around The Ward

It's coming down to the homestretch for candidates depending on November 4th votes to further their political dreams! I'd like to wish all candidates the best of luck and encourage everyone to get out and vote. Ward 5 voting information is easily found on this website and ballots have been posted by the Elections Department in Somerville.

Crafters, bakers and other vendors are needed for the annual Somerville Craft Fair held at Somerville High School this year. If you have items to sell, you can find more information and/or purchase a table online! The 24th Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair will be held on Saturday November 29, 2014 from 9:00am-3:00pm at the Somerville High School Field House (81 Highland Ave). Admission is free to the general public.

As the cold air begins to creep into Somerville, political talk starts to heat up. If you believe what you year (, it sounds like no one in City Hall is safe. The latest is that two wards will be completely up for grabs as one Alderman will be aiming for the Mayor's seat while another will not be running for reelection. Opponents will be stepping up in all other wards with three in Ward 3. We're up to four being rumored for Alderman-At-Large seats. This should be fun!

Could an old Somerville employee be heading up the Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department? The Word Around The Ward is that Monica Lamboy will be tapped to be the interim director as current director Susan Clippinger announced her November 14th retirement date. Monica is the former head of the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development. 


Anonymous said...

My favorite time of year again - political speculation! I might be way off, but this is the "Word Around the City" that I've heard speculated.

Ward 1 might see a rematch of McLaughlin vs. LoRusso. From what I read, McLaughlin is doing a great job and should win this rematch.

Ward 2 - I don't see Houston going anywhere, unless she got a big promotion in her private job.

Ward 3 might see a rematch of McWatters vs. Bremer. McWatters's no vote on the "pay to play" might rub enough people the wrong way to sway this to Bremer.

Ward 4 will be vacant when LaFuente runs for mayor. I can't see him winning though since he's just "anti Curtatone" with few actual proposals of his own. No idea who would run for this seat.

Ward 5 ... Mark's not going anywhere and he's done an OK job even though you were my choice Courtney!

Ward 6 could be open if Gerwirtz leaves to care for her newborn and her demanding full time job. She might even leave her term early. No idea who'd run for this seat.

Ward 7 might see a Ballantyne/Joe Capuano rematch. Capuano didn't run for State Rep which might mean he's looking to make up for the Alderman loss.

At Large: I've heard Sean Fitzgerald and Mike Capuano Jr. are looking At Large. Sean's fallen short several times before but Capuano Jr. has been doing a lot of work with the planning board and preservation committee.

Anonymous said...

Courtney, are you announcing your candidacy? Ward or At Large? :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad this conversation is up and running--Here's what I think

Ward 1: Definite rematch but Matt will be victorious.

Ward 2: Progressives have threatened Heuston for years-wouldn't be surprised if they have someone setup for her.

Ward 3: Bremer didn't lose by much and may still have some dough in the war chest. Hearing they are bringing in a third to split the vote.

Ward 4: LaFuente is playing the part to pull the attention away from White who--I hear--is REALLY considering. Hearing Tony's kid might run for at large because Dennis is not running.

Ward 5: Mark will remain because of his fundraiser in June. I would like you to run again Courtney because I think your bitchy (in a good way) plus I want to stick it up the ass of whoever made the dwarph lesbian comment last year.

Ward 6: Rebekah's not running...will support Bockelman because-god forbid-she supports someone outside of pds.

Ward 7: Capuano is running again and may have a better shot this time around because that chick (cant spell her name) is trying to run through mud.

Mayor: Joe running again but will fundraise for gov run. White runs against him and loses opening the door for Fitz to get on the board. If Dennis story is true don't be surprised if a pds hack jumps in the race.