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Monday, November 17, 2014

Get a Piece of Magoun History...For $839K

Would you like to own a piece of Magoun Square history? If you do, you're only $839,000 away!

Bremis Realty Inc. now has the difficult task of selling the Piro Printers business and three family home located at 483 Medford Street. This comes 8 months after the business relocated in Charlestown combining with AB Printing and 3 months after the family first placed For Sale signs on the house and print shop.

Bremis tempts potential buyers by describing the location as a, "...great opportunity to own this 3F plus garage/former print shop. A large property in a fantastic location just outside of up and coming trendy Magoun Sq. Units feature large rooms, wall to wall carpeting, retro kitchens and baths and open and enclosed porches. This is a great opportunity for developers or investors to purchase a property just minutes from the proposed green line extension."

Piro Printing was every politician's first stop when setting up their campaign literature and choosing colors for yard signs, lapel and bumper stickers-including mine. Marc Piro has run the print business for many years providing print services that included wedding invitations, business cards, political signage and campaign literature for local politicians. It was through Piro that I had my yard signs, palm cards, lapel and bumper stickers made when I ran for Alderman last year.

This is the second piece of significant Magoun Square property that has gone up for sale. The first, a string of storefronts on the Broadway portion of the business district, has been up for grabs since the summer. Rumors of it being sold proved to be untrue. The property is still for sale with no agreements in place.

What would you like to see replace the shop? Feel free to comment your ideas!


Rebecca said...

Personally, I think the space would make a great neighborhood coffee shop. Call it Press, a reference to the former use and to the coffee press, and decorate with old printing paraphernalia and local artists printed work.

Now, if only I had a spare million lying around to buy and renovate the place...

Anonymous said...

And only one confirmed murder.

RIP Sal.

Anonymous said...

Sal S. (one of the Somerville "wise-guys") wasn't murdered at the Piro venue.

He was playing in a card game in an empty store just about where Bill White's office is now; well west of Piro's place, when the shooters came in.

Supposedly, drug related.

Anonymous said...

Light industrial spaces are dropping like flies in Somerville. Piro's was a loud and dirty blue collar shop. City Hall does not want these kind of businesses around here anymore, even if they have been in the neighborhood for generations. Somerville used to have a thriving local economy of small industrial companies like print shops and auto businesses and materials distributors. But people who get their hands dirty for a living are treated like pariahs around here now. So expect that a) the old Piro's becomes a gourmet cupcake cafe and b) we see more and more of the few remaining blue collar businesses in Somerville continue to go away forever.