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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Word Around the Ward - Early

No, I didn't get my days screwed up. I am posting The Word Around The Ward a day early to give you one less excuse to remain on your phone during Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. Enjoy!

The Qwik Mart (Corner of Cedar Street and Highland Avenue) will be undergoing significant changes as commercial space and residences have been proposed for the location at a recent community meeting. Ward 5 seems to be a hotbed for development as the Sons of Italy already has a foundation, 235 Lowell Street has structures, the Shield Gas Station is getting ready to be cleaned up and Royal White (Warwick Street) has been sold.  

Ward 5 Online would like to wish Carlene Campbell-Hegerty the best of luck as she resigned from her position with the Somerville Arts Council for another opportunity. Carlene has been a fixture with the Curtatone Administration and has overseen such events as the SomerStreets Festivals and the recent Restaurant and Market Tour of Magoun Square.

Could the City being changing its snow plowing methods? According to Mayor Curtatone, it is a serious consideration. During a recent ResiStat meeting, the Mayor acknowledged that the issue is pressing, but no changes will be made for the 2014-2015 winter season. 2015-2016 may see a pilot of side-switching in one section of the City. 

With the holidays just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts! And there’s no better place to find the perfect gift than at Somerville Local First’s Local is for Lovers Holiday Markets on November 30th and December 14th. The popular market will take place at the Armory from 10-3pm.


Anonymous said...

I live on the odd side, as all living on the odd side of the street benefit when the plows come through; basically we only have to shovel out the entrance to our driveways one time----the even-siders, all too often, have to shovel out more than once; sometimes 3 or 4 times.

I'm all for alternate sides being employed in the future as being fair.

Also, I believe the city officials should crack down on people who have driveways and don't use them; resulting in two parking spaces not available to other car owners who don't have driveways.

The 2 spaces? one being where the curb has been cut for the non-used driveway; and other being where the driveway owner has parked their car on the street.

The city issues tickets often and quickly for lots of other things involving vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Shell gas station? I know of Shield, Gulf (Trum Field) and Sunoco on Broadway. I understand Shield is going to change. I can't find a Shell gas station in Somerville on the internet. What does it being cleaned up entail?

Any more details on Royal White building? Would love to see that cleaned up.

Ward Five said...

Apologies - It is a Shield. Changed above.

The soil needs to be cleaned and tanks removed.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people worked at the Royal White facility. This closing was the biggest job loss in the ward in the last several years, as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Royal White, the yelp reviews are an interesting read...

Anonymous said...

Going back many years Ward 5 has suffered/survived hundreds of job losses when the International Box Company and the Hires Root Beer Company folded (now the location of Maxwell's Green housing) also, the Hostess Baking Company (now the VNA) and The White Cross Laundry on Cedar Street; a multi-level laundry building, opposite Faulkner's office building; now a multi-level apartment house.

Out of Ward 5,when the Ford Motor plant (Assembly Square) and the A&P and First National Stores warehouses closed, resulted in big job losses there.
There were others, such as the Cott Bottling Company, J.J. Donovan Fuel Company, etc.