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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Board of Aldermen to Meet on Thursday

The Board of Aldermen will be resuming their regular meeting cycle on Thursday January 8th at 7pm in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall.

You can visit them in person, watch them streamed online, or (like I have for the past year) watched them broadcast live on channels 13 (RCN) or 22 (Comcast). Reruns of the meeting will be shown throughout the week on the same two channels.

The agenda for the meeting has been posted online per the Open Meeting Law and, of course, all interested citizens are encouraged to attend the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Oh the irresistible BOA click bait!

Ward Five said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

I know why I will never vote for Mark Neidgergang.
I just looked at the aldermen's meeting agenda for Jan. 8, 2015.

He wants to have homeowners with a basement flooding problem to not pump out their water problem to sidewalks because, in freezing temps, the water freezes on the sidewalk creating ice.

People pump out their basement water problem to get the water to a gutter and into sewers.
Obviously, and hopefully, to save damage to furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances such as a dryer & washers.

If ice is created, and there is nothing new about ice on sidewalks during freezing temps in the winter time.

The simple age-old SOLUTION is to put SAND/SALT on ice; not force the people impacted by a flooded basemen to divert the basement water out of their basements into the foundation ground where it can and will re-enter the basement.

Homeowners using sump pumps have placed their pumps where needed and most effective; in many cases meaning in a location where the water pumped out must cross a side-walk.

I'm guessing Mark N. does not have a problem with a basement that floods.

Come on Mark N. show a little empathy for homeowners with this problem; oftentimes caused by flooded streets and blocked sewers. Now that's a problem you should be addressing to fix with the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

In addition:
Some old house homeowners with water problems have cellar concrete floors that are not level; in some case slanted to the front towards the sidewalk and street; and that's where the water first begins to collect and spreads from there.

It makes sense that the pump is put as close to the vertical wall as possible; and if there happens to be a cellar window there (facing the sidewalk) that's where the outgoing water hose is put through that window.

Anonymous said...

lets assume a person wants to not have the water go onto the sidewalk.
But it has to be pumped out somewhere so he/she pumps it out onto his/her own property, driveway or walkway or frozen lawn! But wait, all the property slants towards the street; with water seeking its own level,it crosses the sidewalk resulting in ice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about a bigger question for Mr. Neidergang.

How he intends to solve the problem of snow melt during the day that turns to ice on sidewalks at night?

Most responsible residents would either ice scrape the ice away and/or treat the ice with sand.

In any case of ice on the sidewalk and a complaint is called in, someone in the form of "DPW Police" or, police officer, should ring the house owner's doorbell to take care of the problem or risk a ticket.