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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Piro House Suffers Water Damage

If anyone walked past the old Piro Printing this week, you may have noticed that construction has been escalated, but not for reasons that you think.

Although the house has not been sold yet, a pipe burst has forced the owners to gut the house completely. Water caused significant damage and a slippery sidewalk.

Crews were there this week ripping out walls, but no timeline has been set as to when the house will be completed. The business and residence was placed on the market this past August and, recently, published an asking price of over $800K with the Bremis Group hired to sell this piece of Magoun and political history.

Bremis tempts potential buyers by describing the location as a, "...great opportunity to own this 3F plus garage/former print shop. A large property in a fantastic location just outside of up and coming trendy Magoun Sq. Units feature large rooms, wall to wall carpeting, retro kitchens and baths and open and enclosed porches. This is a great opportunity for developers or investors to purchase a property just minutes from the proposed green line extension."


Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to Congressman's Capuano house (on Central Street) a few years ago.
Their house was empty of residents for a period of time during the winter; pipes burst, resulting in extensive damage.
They were able to rehab all the damage.

People must remember, when absent from their house for a period of time during the winter months; they must leave a warmer temp setting to preclude a burst water pipe.

Unfortunately some homeowners tries to save money by turning their heat thermostat way down when they are away.
That probably was Mark Piro's thinking.

Kinda think the agent handling the sale of the property should of caught the situation before the freeze-up.
Lesson learned!

Anonymous said...

Whatever Piro house showings the R.E. Agent had done before the pipe burst must of been in a cold house due to the unduly cold weather we have had. That should of triggered something in his/her head that something was amiss.

Mark Piro rolled the dice with Mother Nature to save a few dollors in heating bill, and rolled "snake eyes."

Anonymous said...

Another method to prevent pipes freezing, albeit the expense and waste of water, is to open some faucets just a bit, to get a flow going.