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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Emergency to be Lifted Tomorrow

The snow emergency will remain in effect until noon on Wednesday. At that time, residents will have two hours to move their cars from school and municipal lots. More information will be sent tomorrow morning.

The Governor has lifted the travel ban starting at midnight, but has urged employers to consider conditions when determining staffing for Wednesday.

In the meantime, as crews continue to work to safely clear public roads and walkways, please do your part and DO NOT PARK, EVEN TEMPORARILY, ON THE EVEN SIDE OF THE STREET until noon Wednesday (unless otherwise posted) or you may be ticketed and towed.

Shoveling hours have been extended due to the extreme snowfall. Property owners will have until noon on Thursdayto clear their sidewalks.

As we work together to clean up from this historic storm, please remember to check on neighbors who may be in need of assistance. If you are able, please assist the Fire Department by shoveling out hydrants.


Anonymous said...

While giving property owners until noon Thursday to clear their walks is liberally okay; as far as ticketing is concerned that should not happen--why??
Because the entire official policy/rules, etc. is still being reviewed, still looking for public input, thus in a state of flux.
Anyone who gets a ticket before the "Committee on Legislative Matters" writes a final document, should definitely appeal.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow,Thursday, the DPW Police,the SPD, ansd ISD, should put their initial emphasis on the commercial entities throughout the city, as too many of them, historically, are the most flagrant who could care less about clearing their sidewalks.

Even more so because they have the employees on hand, and/or, can afford to giving the job of clearing the snow out to a contractor.