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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Word Around the Ward

I would like to wish Ward 5 resident, Belia Coakley, a very happy birthday! Belia works for 311 and celebrated on January 1st. Happy Birthday and many more! Also celebrating is David Futato

BaconPalooza is back at Olde Magoun's Saloon on Wednesdays. You're welcome.

You can add 54-56A Elm Street to the growing list of Ward 5 developments. A community meeting was held on the 6th for a project that includes a ground-level storefront and residences above. This certainly goes along with the mixed-use pattern that is popping up around the city and adds some much needed commercial tax revenue to the books. 

What is definitely not going to change anytime soon is the block of storefronts from Woody's Liquors to On The Hill Tavern in Magoun Square. As I previously reported, they have yet to be sold.

The folks at FLOAT are keeping residents informed about their excellent space at 515 Medford Street and, according to their December 10th email, they have acquired permits and are in the midst of construction!

The start of the new year has started some new talk about what will happen this election year in the City. Conversations were started last fall on Ward 5 Online, but I'm also hearing that a former Alderman-At-Large candidate might be going for the Ward Alderman seat instead. Could 2015 also see two longtime serving members decide not to run for re-election? That's what I'm hearing ;)

Please don't forget that snow policies have changed included timetables and monetary fine amounts. Read it all here to avoid being Scarlett-lettered!

I was saddened to read that the Boston Militia has been discontinued by Ernie Boch Jr. I'd like to thank all past and present players and personnel for bringing some great entertainment to Somerville and congratulate them on their SuperBowl wins! I hope that the players find homes in other sports or maybe, someday, the league 

Daddy Jones Bar will be serving dinner until 11pm on Sunday's and Mondays for all of us late night snackers! Daddy has also brought back the Aunty Courtney spiked Hot Chocolate for the winter. The only other thing that will warm you up quicker is the real Aunty Courtney :)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with comments from the fall, I think McGlaughlin wins in a walk. Heuston and McWatters get PDS'ed and both lose. LaFuente talks a big game but knows he can't win the mayor's seat so he stays put to be a thorn in the side. Mark stays. Gewirtz will leave and support Bockelman, who will run unopposed. I think Sean Fitzgerald will challenge in Ward 7 and lose again. I think Mike Capuano will run at large and win to set him up for something else.