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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Word Around the Ward

After speaking with the homeowner, I can confirm that the Piro house is under contract to be sold. After suffering water damage, the house is being completely gutted with crews working there everyday.

Is that certain member of the Board of Aldermen getting cold feet after telling everyone (for a year) they are running for Mayor. This may be the case as they have been pretty quiet for the past couple of months when asked about their plans. For those considering running, fundraising season is approaching as nomination papers are prepped in May for pulling by candidates. Conversations have already begun if you'd like to jump in with your predictions.

Please feel free to fill out the new online survey about Ward 5 Online. I'd like to see if changes I am considering for the website will be supported by readers:

Commencing January 19th and continuing through the end of May 2015, it will be necessary for the GLX Contractor, White Skanska Kiewit (WSK) to close the south bound travel/bike lane and west side sidewalk between Boston Avenue and Cedar Street to vehicular, bike, and pedestrian traffic for the purposes of erecting a temporary utility bridge. Residents will be able to cross Broadway Street over to the east side sidewalk to cross over the bridge and the north bound lane will be re-configured to allow for 2-way vehicular and bike traffic.

There will be an amazing pop-up market will be happening in Magoun Square on January 31st from 1-4pm. More details to be posted...

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