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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Top Three Posts of 2014!

Strictly based on pageviews, here are the top three stories featured on Ward 5 Online that got my readers talking, reading, and +1ing!

#3: Storm Aftermath...
Proving that I don't have to be the origin of popular posts here on Ward 5 Online, my neighbor and friend Anthony Adam's photograph of a water filled corner of Cedar Street and Cedar Avenue garnered 509 pageviews to come in third place.

#2: Sketch of Assault Suspect Released by Somerville Police Department
Not all widely-viewed posts are of good topics as our number 2 headline shows. Whether propelled by fear, curiosity or a desire to see this creep apprehended, the sketch of a suspect accused of sexual assaults brought in 853 pageviews and second place on this list.

#1: This Just In... Roche Bros In Davis Square?
Just the idea of Roche Bros being interested in Davis Square landed 1920 pageviews, 21 comments and four +1's on Google+. The chain would eventually be approved by the ZBA just a few months later.

Thanks to everyone who continues to read the website, supporting local media! Entering my 6th year of online residency is exciting! Please email your suggestions and ideas for stories and features.

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