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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Word Around the Ward

Our conversation surrounding the Who? What? Why? for Election 2015 has been the top post on the website for two weeks now. Be sure to add your thoughts as to what's going to happen this year!

The Exotic Bird Store in Magoun Square has closed after a good run for few years in the Square. No word, yet, on what it will be replaced with.

Speaking of Magoun Square, another hair salon will be occupying the space at 514 Medford Street next to Pennypacker's - shutting down rumors of an expansion by the popular eatery.

A donation truck made a hefty grab as items from the Book Shop in Ball Square were hauled off to a new home this past week. The Book Shop announced its closing via their Facebook page in January. It will officially close doors at the end of this month.

The public is invited to share their thoughts on the adjusted snow regulations during a public hearing scheduled for February 25th at 7pm in City Hall.

The Ward 5 meeting on the proposed zoning code overhaul will take place on Monday March 16th in the Community Room of the VNA (259 Lowell Street) at 6:30pm. Please stop by and continue submitting your ideas/changes at: www.SomervilleMA.Gov/Zoning.

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Anonymous said...

The exotic birds in Marcelino's were amazing. It was better than the San Diego zoo. Really a hidden find that animals like that could be seen in Magoun Square. But it has always broken my heart to see birds in cages, so I could never go in there without a lot of conflicting emotions. The owner was very nice and conscientious, I wish him well.