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Monday, March 9, 2015

DPW, P.T. Kelley Come to Richardson Street’s Rescue Following Water Main Break

With snow piles slowly, but surely melting in the sun, Richardson Street was beginning to look normal again until an early-morning water main break made the Lowell to Hinckley Street connector look more like a river than a residential road.

With water coming up from sewers, DPW and P.T. Kelley were quick on the scene and immediately shut water off to area residents until 5pm on Thursday March 5th. Cutting a giant hole and removing broken pipe pieces, the crews put in over 9 hours before having to cease work for the day as the sun started to set.

In an effort to prevent water from freezing on side-streets, DPW employee Kevin McDevitt dropped the City’s popular snow eating brine mixture allowing for safe travel. You’re the best, Kevin!

Somerville’s ancient underground infrastructure has long been an issue, causing flooding in residents’ basements. It has proved itself a priority in the ongoing conversations surrounding Union Square’s Urban Renewal Plan. Who can forget that July day when the entire square was under water after a sudden rainfall dropped 4.3” of water in Somerville in one hour.

Cedar Street will be undergoing massive construction soon as it’s 100 year-old water main pipes are upgraded. Conversations on this flood mitigation project began in 2013. Information is available on the City’s website.

Big thanks to everyone involved in Thursday’s effort!

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