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Monday, March 30, 2015

Fill Out Your Census!


Anonymous said...

C'mon, do we really need Jimmy DelPonte to play dual visual/oral parts in "lecturing" us on the the city census.

The form itself speaks for itself.

And, the people who do not, historically, return it filled out, for reasons known only to them Most I would believe are either here illegally; or on some sort of financial subsidy not entitled to, thinking if they return the form they would jeopardize their subsidy.

I speak, because one neighborhood family unit adult, on Section 8, adult openly told me and others he does not return the census for that very reason.
Both he and lady friend, with 3 kids, work full time being paid "under the table."

They also get food stamps and another grocery payment subsidy.
Both own their own cars and dress well.

It's the real (Somerville) world these days Jimmy.

The middle (honest) class, fills out the census and pays the bills
for those that don't fill out the census; and we are slowly getting squeezed "to death."

Anonymous said...

By the way, whatever the official population of Somerville is, the people who do not fill out the census who benefit from all the services (schools,and many other programs, etc.) paid for by honest taxpayers.

If these people filled out the census would probably add some thousands to the official population. Talking adults and their kids.
Enabling Somerville to qualify for more program help from the state and/or the feds.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy, venture to guess how many of those persons who opt not to fill out and return the census, saw and heard your pitch?

I wonder if these people ever even get the form mailed to them.
Many also living in illegal housing either by numbers of unrelated individuals; or units never issued an occupancy permit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Delponte is preaching to the choir.

The "infidels" who never have and never will do the census are too busy ripping off the system to hear anything he has to say about the benefits to all Somerville citizens for completing the census.