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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Word Around The Ward

Tasty MoMo is set to open on April 5th according to an article published by Eater Boston. Earlier this year, it was also reported that the new Magoun Square eatery would offer delivery services per a license they applied for. Anyone that tries it, please send over your thoughts on their offerings.

The zoning overhaul may not be passed within the 90 day (tick, tock) timeframe they’re looking at as many Aldermen are worried about campaigning in the midst of attending meetings and reading through the 200+ pages of the document. Alderman At Large Dennis Sullivan will be setting a date for a Public Hearing and fellow Alderman At Large Jack Connolly wants to have a presentation televised and streamed online. The word around the ward is that most of the recommendations can be easily applied while others will need to be vetted out.

I had a nice chat with candidate for Ward 3 School Committee, Lee Palmer, last week. Lee has some great ideas she’d like to bring to the seat being vacated by Adam Sweeting. If any other candidates would like to talk, please feel free to get in touch!

May 11th is the day to watch as nomination papers will be available for anyone willing to jump into the Somerville political octagon this year. Aldermen pushed the availability back a week to give incumbents time to begin campaigning before budget season commences in early June. As a tradition, a couple of meetings are cancelled over the summer, so expect some serious door-knocking to happen during this time.

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