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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Word Around The Ward

Tasty MoMo's is receiving rave reviews on social media after opening this week at 503B Medford Street in Magoun Square. Belia Coakley, great friend of the owners, even snapped a few photos for her Facebook page while Maura Vogel gave them a huge thumbs-up during our recent conversation. 

A drunk driver did a number on some light poles and the glass window of the East Cambridge Savings Bank ATM in Magoun Square on Sunday morning. Thankfully, a Somerville Firefighter was conveniently in the CVS and was first on the scene. Although many were shaken up, no one was hurt. 

A big Happy Birthday-all the way to Vermont-to former Ward 5er, Paul Acciavatti! I hope you have a great one!

Charles Chisholm is confirmed to be running for Ward 6 Alderman by the Somerville Times this week. I found this tidbit on the interwebs that gave a pretty good synopsis of Charles. Hey Charles, if you're reading this, I'd love to chat with you!

Ball Square will be bustling with increased construction activity as MassDOT informed us of bridge work commencing tomorrow and Saturday. As previously reported, a crane will be moved from Franey Road to the bridge and back again as part of the ongoing work that's being conducted there. A detour map has been published to help us navigate the area.

I'm not the only Ward 5er that likes to write to local media sources. Be sure to check out Brad Bortner's piece on positive changes in our society, as well as, Brendan McDonagh's thoughts on the zoning overhaul.

The new Massachusetts headlights law went into effect on April 7th. This requires your headlights to be on when driving conditions require the use of your windshield wipers.
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Carry on.

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