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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Word Around The Ward

There is some activity in some previously empty storefronts in Magoun Square. The former location of the tailor/drycleaner received an interior paint job and the window letter of the DeMata Hair Salon was scraped off this weekend. Also, the word around the ward is that King Of Wings is ready to fly on out of Somerville and that Modelo Bakery and Modelo Meat Market will be consolidating to one business.

More candidates have pulled nomination papers, but I have decided to wait until signatures are due on June 24th before listing the approved one here on Ward 5 Online. What we right now are possible School Committee races in Wards: 1, 3, 4 and possible Aldermen races for At Large and in Wards 3 and 6.

There will be a meeting on the upgrade of Hoyt-Sullivan Park next week as the City is looking to apply for a grant. I will publish meeting information as soon as it becomes available.

Be sure to use the hashtag: #SomerBliss when visiting your favorite businesses throughout the month of June as one of them could be recognized by the City of Somerville and receive a membership to Somerville business support organizations. The business does not have to be a bar/restaurant, so don't be shy about using the hashtag wherever you go in the Ville!

As I reported before, some of my readers are finding articles that suffered during years of template changes on Ward 5 Online. Please feel free to identify the URL's of the articles, so I can go back and fix them. A form has been provided in the tabs for your use!

Somerville Local First is hosting their annual Prom with a 1950's: Back to the Future theme on June 26th at 8pm in Cuisine En Locale (156 Highland Avenue). Get your tickets here:

Are you looking for a job? Would you like to work in Magoun Square? Float Boston is seeking a part or full time employee. Check out the job get free floats!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

According to this week's Somerville Journal the Piro property has been sold......wonder what is going there? Residence, condos, or retail commercial?

Let's not kid ourselves about Magoun Square retail becoming another Davis or Ball Square type entity; or even close to Davis or Ball Squarre.

Retail spaces get filled and vacated; and others are gone with regularity.
Always empty store fronts there.
Families these days where every adult seems to have their own car; and they go to the Malls....where parking is free..

Magoun Square was a thriving square many years ago; for one reason--foot traffic.
Many families did not have cars; and if they did they only had one.

That one car was generally tied-up by the working father; with momma and others walking to Magoun to buy an assortment of needed goods and services. Those days and times are gone.