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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Word Around The Ward

Kudos to the City for bringing back (and improving) on the green coloring of the bike lanes by Trum Field and in other parts of the City. Looking good...and safe!

It was great to see candidate for Alderman At Large Steve Delani at the Hoyt-Sullivan Playground community meeting on Monday night. Steve asked some great questions and it was nice to see a candidate show some interest in the renovation of Hoyt-Sullivan.

As I reported before, some of my readers are finding articles that suffered during years of template changes on Ward 5 Online. Please feel free to identify the URL's of the articles, so I can go back and fix them. A form has been provided in the tabs for your use!

Budget deliberations have begun and there's no rumors surrounding target departments. Last year, Recreation was almost cut completely and the Council on Aging was threatened with a financial hit (it was not approved, thankfully). It is Election season, so don't expect incumbants to make stupid choices this year.

Somerville Local First is hosting their annual Prom with a 1950's: Back to the Future theme on June 26th at 8pm in Cuisine En Locale (156 Highland Avenue). Get your tickets here:

Pat's Towing is now occupying the space that formerly held our tailor/dry cleaner in Magoun Square. Uh...welcome to the neighborhood?


Anonymous said...

Pat's Towing?--Magoun Square?

Altho Pat's will probably be a good neighor no doubt just running an office, but their going in there tells us the direction the square is going in. Not retail friendly.

Landlords are fully aware renting to retail establishments results in turnover vacancies; lost revenues, and maintenance do-overs!

(An aside note! Pats made big money with the 100's, maybe thousand of police ordered tows this past winter--an average of 15-20 a day as I heard ordered on my police scanner)

Anonymous said...

That was the second tailor/dry cleaner to occupy that location within a short time frame of each other.
I used both of them one time only. Never used them again.
Their work was sub-par.

The owner of the second shop had a "tips-jar" on the counter that I felt was distasteful for an owner to do.