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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hey Adams Street Peeps, Hide Your Trash and Recycling Totes!

Residents of the Adams Street 60 block woke up to some serious criticism regarding the placement of their trash and recycling totes yesterday!

Notes taped to the totes are requesting that they be placed in the back of the building, so this particular neighbor doesn't have to look at them. 

One neighbor wrote, "We're not sure who did it, but thought it was pretty funny - who does this sort of shit after high school, anyway?" 

Neighbors are requesting that notes be submitted in for the creation of a Tumblr Feed. There might be enough content to for the feed as the neighbor noted that this is not the first time notes have been left. 


Anonymous said...

The hand writing is a women who, obviously is in desperate need to get laid

Anonymous said...

"who does this sort of shit after high school, anyway"

No one, they probably never graduated

Anonymous said...

Really want to "punish" the neighbor leaving the garbage cans out front on their property; open the lids at night and someone from the city will come along and issue a $50.00 ticket.

Happened to one of my neighbors several yesars ago before the city gave out the new wheeled barrels.

The ticket was issued at 1:00 AM in the morning. The fine notice mailed also had a picture of the uncovered barrel on private property; taken from the public sidewalk.

I believe the same can happen if the barrels with hinged lids, left open, can also result in a $$$ fine.

Anonymous said...

BTW----my neighbor did not leave his barrel uncovered intentionally; a strong wind did the deed during the night.

Albeit, I can understand why barrels should alweays be covered due to attracting rats, and other creatures, looking for something to eat.

Anonymous said...


Whoever city employee gave out the ticket must of targetted the owner of the property; and probably was paid over-time money to be out working at that hour. Again the middle class long-time residents getting slammed. (or the person probably earning a "commission" for every ticket issued.

No wonder many of the older residents owning their homes in this city are selling and getting the hell out.