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Monday, November 6, 2017

Alderman Tony LaFuente Brings His Strong-Talk to Real Estate Answers with Donald Norton

Outgoing Alderman Tony LaFuente didn't hold anything back in a recent interview on Real Estate Answers with Donald Norton filmed in late October. The 6-year member of the Board of Aldermen did not disappoint and brought his popular strong-talk to the television screen alongside the 40 year Real Estate Veteran, Norton.

LaFuente, who once ran for Mayor against Joe Curtatone in 2003, sang the praises of the 14 year Mayor, some members of the Board of Aldermen and School Committee, but had some direct criticisms of Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang and Ward 1 Alderman Matthew McLaughlin. For those of you playing at home, the hits against Niedergang should come as a surprise considering LaFuente was one of only two sitting alderman that endorsed Mark in 2013. The other was former Ward 6 Alderwoman Rebekah Gewirtz - now a proud Newton resident.

Although he is not running for reelection, don't think LaFuente will be leaving Somerville behind. Quite the contrary, actually. The Somerville businessman said he will be going "back to basics" and focusing on Flagraphics, but also hinted at starting a PAC and staying involved as an activist. He did warn, however, that "there are certain people on the board that I am going to expose - over the next 2 years - as frauds."

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