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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Gay is Here to Stay No Matter What the Word of God Has to Say

On Monday July 6, I was tagged in a Facebook post from dear friend Grover Taylor about a homophobic flyer that was not only passed out to visitors at Dilboy, but was directly handed to Grover's 8 year old daughter. The 🙄-inducing Tiger King pictorial illustration on the front leads to the reference of the usual homophobic suspects: Leviticus 18:21, Genesis 13:13, and Romans 1:32. So predictable.

Homophobia is present in the City of Somerville and last reared its ugly head years ago when I was serving in political office. As I, an almost 40 year resident of Somerville, watch this City slowly reprioritize its approach to responding to the needs of all that live, work, play and raise a family in these 4 square miles - this bullshit can go down the drain right along with racism, socioeconomic gaps and all the other muck of the swamp that's preventing us from establishing a Somerville that directly reflects the wonderful values of those who call this place home. The remaining pages are featured below if you're looking for a laugh.

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