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Somerville Journal 1/31/2017: O'Keefe: Make Union Square Process Inclusive
Somerville Journal 3/10/2017: SERIES: MLDA vote postponed as Somerville residents voice concerns
Somerville Journal 8/21/2017: O'Keefe: Somerville Local First to Host Candidate Night
Somerville Journal 11/2/2017: Righthand Robotics Moves into Somerville's Union Square
Somerville Media Center / Somerville Local First / November 2017

City of Somerville / Council on Aging June 2016: Senior Circuit

Somerville Journal 12/22/2016: Somerville’s LGBTQ community gearing up for 2017

Somerville Times 1/29/2015: Preserving and Enhancing Our Commercial Corridors 
Somerville News Weekly 3/4/2015: Decision Made
Somerville Times 3/5/2015: Decision Made
Somerville Beat 3/18/2015: Community Credit Union Brings More Than Banking to Davis Square
Somerville Times 3/18/2015: Dialoging at Business Town Meeting X
Somerville Times 3/19/2015: O'Keefe Joins LBGT Advisory Group
Somerville Times 11/16/2015: Strategy leaders for public benefits process announced

Hubway 1/29/2014: City Actively Pursuing Hubway Station for Magoun Square
Boston Herald 1/31/2014: They are Sold on Magoun Square
Somerville News Weekly 2/7/2014: Communication is Key
Boston/Eater 3/11/2014: Yes, Bibim Could Come to Somerville
Somerville Journal 3/17/2014: Somerville Residents Urge Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies in City Pension Plan
Somerville Times 5/23/2014: Residents Weigh in on CPA Funding
The Somerville Connection 9/30/2014: The Best Ward in the City - Courtney O'Keefe

Somerville News 1/31/2013: Sign of the Times
Somerville Patch 2/4/2013: Letter to the Editor: Magoun Square Wants a Sign
Somerville News 2/26/2013: A Butcher, A Baker, A Greek Food Maker
Somerville News 3/20/2013: Greater Access Initiative for Off-Leash Dogs
Somerville.Patch.Com 3/27/2013: 20 People Who Will Sway Somerville Zoning Overhaul
Boston.Com 4/11/2013: Somerville Alderman O'Donovan Resigns, No Appointment Yet
Somerville Scout 4/11/2013: Ward 5 Shocker! O'Donovan Stepping Down
Somerville News 4/12/2013: Alderman O'Donovan Resigns
Somerville Patch 4/12/2013: Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan Steps Down
Boston.Com 4/15/2013: Review of Somerville Alderman Appointee Set for Wednesday
Boston.Com 4/17/2013: Special Aldermen Meeting Cancelled in Somerville
Somerville News 4/17/2013: Committee on Confirmation of Appointments Questions O'Keefe
Boston.Com 4/24/2013: Somerville Aldermen to Reconsider Appointment of O'Keefe to the Board
Boston.Com 4/25/2013: O'Keefe Appointed to Somerville Board of Aldermen
Somerville Scout 4/25/2013: O'Keefe Appointed as Ward 5 Alderman
Boston.Com 4/26/2013: Somerville Aldermen Look to End Handed-Down Appointments
Somerville News 5/1/2013: O'Keefe Sworn in as new Ward 5 Alderman
Scout Somerville 5/1/2013: Magoun Square's Sign Up, Then Down
Somerville News 5/12/2013: Residents Invited to Groundbreaking Ceremony for Community Path Extension.
Somerville News 5/15/2013: Community Path Extension Underway.
Scout Somerville 5/15/2013: O'Keefe Responds to Homophobic Backlash
Boston.Com 5/15/2013: Somerville Alderwoman says she was target of homophobic slurs.
Somerville Patch 5/16/2013: Anti-Lesbian Comments Cause Stir, Targeted Alderman Wants to Move On
Somerville News 5/20/2013: Magoun Square Unveiling Ceremony
Somerville Patch 5/20/2013: Lauded Food Truck to Open Restaurant in Magoun Square
Somerville News 5/23/2013: Magoun Square Has A New Sign
Boston.Com 5/25/2013: New Sign Marks a Revival for Somerville's Magoun Square
Somerville News 7/11/2013: Productive Meetings Held At City Hall
Somerville News 8/7/2013: City Looks to Halt Cedar Street Flooding
Somerville Times 9/18/2013: Growing 'Couch Surfing' Practice Spotlighted
Somerville Patch 10/14/2013: Does Somerville Have Too Many Events?
Somerville Times 10/23/2013: Meet the Candidates: Board of Aldermen
Somerville Patch 10/25/2013: Candidate Profile: Courtney O'Keefe
Somerville Patch 12/12/2013: End of An Era for Somerville Board of Aldermen.

Somerville.Patch.Com 4/16/2012: Somerville Fortune Tellers Now Need a License
Somerville Scout 7/13/2012: Two Squares. One Ward
Somerville News 9/12/2012: Letter of Thanks
Somerville News 9/19/2012: First Annual Ryan Harrington Corn Toss Tournament Nets $13K
Somerville Scout Photo Credit 10/16/2012: Somerville Stained Glass Studio to Close

Boston.Com 1/14/2011: Cast of Characters Collects at Winter Farmer's Market
Somerville.Patch.Com 3/28/2011: Get the 311 on the City of Somerville's Social Media Savvy
Boston.Com 4/1/2011: Sharing a cup of Joe with the mayor

Boston.Com 2/22/2010: Green Line extension begins surveying in Somerville
Boston.Com 4/12/2010: Magoun wary of parking problems
Somerville News 4/14/2010: Letter to the editor
Boston.Com 7/23/2010: Finding the Somerville Blog Scene
Boston.Com 9/3/2010: Roadwork (finally) nears end
Somerville Journal Blog 10/11/2010: Playing hide-n-seek in Somerville’s new recycling bins

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