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Community Path Extension

The residents of Somerville received the outstanding news that the State of Massachusetts will build the Community Path all the way to Boston in conjunction with the Green Line Extension connecting 11 cities in a span of 48 miles. The announcement was made in April 2014. MassDOT created the (above) virtual tour along the Green Line Extension (GLX) multi-modal Community Path starting at West Boulevard in Cambridge and heading northwest where it will connect to the Somerville Community Path at Lowell Street. This 1.9-mile path will be built as part of the GLX Project and connect four GLX Stations: Lowell Street, Gilman Square, Washington Street, and the relocated Lechmere.

The Community Path Extension from Cedar to Lowell will bring the popular activity path closer to the Magoun Square neighborhood of Ward 5 by Fall 2014! All necessary funds have been obtained with bidding for the project going out in 2012 with construction starting on May 13th marked by a ceremonial groundbreaking.

Most recently, the City of Somerville entered a lease agreement with the MBTA for the land. The MBTA owns the Community Path in Somerville because it is built on a rail bed.

The almost $2 million project has been intensely advocated for by numerous Somerville-based organizations and residents. It directly abuts the Maxwell's Green development and will provide access to both sides of the Lowell Street bridge, as well as, Warwick Street. Upon completion, the path will feature a pervious middle section and a rubberized edging for runners. Informal play structures, ampi-theatre seating section, and artistic rail accents complete the extension.

In November of 2011, a 25%, manadatory, public hearing was held in which MassDOT announced design features, inclusions, and exclusions for the path.

An interactive page with a Community Path Google Map Featuring Markers and Comments has been created to keep everyone updated and collect ideas and suggestions.

 The December 11th presentation on the full Community Path Extension.

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