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Monday, November 22, 2010

Timeline Made For Cedar To Lowell Street Community Path Extension

After a few roadblocks, the city has finally set a timeline for the Community Path Extension from Cedar to Lowell Street.

Next week an opportunity to bid to design the path will be sent out with the hopes of securing a designer within the next few months. Once a designer is hired, they will face a deadline of fall 2011 for completion. During this time, not only will the design need to be completed, but the permits will need to be obtained along with gaining community input (of course).

Ideally, the city would like to start the bidding process for the construction in the fall of 2011 with a path completion date of fall 2012.


Teddy S. said...

Who set the timeline? Is it binding and, if so, what is the penalty for not meeting it? And, most importantly, how is this being funded and by whom? Being an abutter I am very interested in how this is going to proceed and the info just doesn't seem to be forthcoming. If I'm missing something please point me in the right direction.

Courtney O'Keefe said...

This was the timeline I was given that night. Please know that I am getting more information for you that details the funding mechanism and a concrete timeline. Unfortunately, the fact that this is tied into the green line extension is delaying a lot of detail.

I hope this helps.

Teddy S. said...

Thanks for that, Courtney. You already know how I feel about the way things are being done (or not being done) in that general area.