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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BaconPalooza is Back at Olde Magoun's! Carry on.

The fifth annual BaconPalooza menu is back at Olde Magoun's Saloon on Wednesdays only throughout the month of July. Check out the offerings on the 2014 menu and be sure to stop by and get your fix before it's all gone! The menu starts tonight at 5pm.

Devilish Eggs – 6
pureed shoshito peppers, crumbled bacon dusted with smoked paprika

Fig-Alicious – 10
figs wrapped in smoked bacon and stuffed with goat cheese

Yummy Guacamole – 8
avocados, smoked applewood bacon, crumbled blue cheese, assorted chips

Bacon Poutine – 10
waffle fries, cheese curds, bacon gravy topped with a soft fried egg

Lobster Bacon Scallion Pancakes – 12
black pepper bacon, sweet lobster, ginger plum sauce

Chicharrones – 10
crispy slab bacon drizzled with chimichurri sauce

Twice Baked Bacon Potato – 8
with chive sour cream

Bacon Bahn Mi – 12
lacquered pork belly, crunchy asian slaw, cilantro mayo on baguette

Bacon & Shrimp Pad Thai – 14
traditional preparation with added jalapeño bacon and shrimp

Bacon Bomb Mac & Cheese – 16
jalapeño bacon, slab bacon, chicharrones, smoked bacon and pancetta

Bread Pudding – 7
served warm with maple bacon, salted caramel and bourbon ice cream

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