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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

RoundUp: Ward 5 Online's favorite #Somerville photos on the Interwebs

Here's a roundup of Ward 5 Online's favorite #Somerville photos on the interwebs.

This will be an ongoing series where you can nominate tweeted or Facebooked (appropriate) #Somerville photos for this roundup by bringing it to my attention using @Ward5Online in your retweet or Facebook post.

Attending a great #Somerville event, frequenting a great local #Somerville business, or getting a photo-op with a #Somerville somebody are just a few ways that can get you considered for inclusion on Ward 5 Online!

Eric Saulnier is ramping up the ticket sales for the annual Booze Cruise for Autism. Check out his Facebook post below & help out if you can...

Nicole Dillon couldn't help but thank the City of Somerville for the new lanes on Lowell Street...


Anonymous said...

Safer, so long as drivers adhere to not crossing over the double yellow lines....but, not happening in far too many instances; particularly truck traffic not staying within the double yellow lines; more so where cars are legally parked.

I see this happening every day as I use Lowell Street 3 or 4 times a day; sometimes more than 4 times a day.

Some close calls to being sideswiped by oncoming vehicles.

Anonymous said...

A good many of those drivers straddling the double yellow lines are holding a cell phone pressed to an ear.

Others should never have been issued a license to drive; apparently they do not know double yellow lines are there for a reason, allowing two opposing traffic vehicles to pass each other safely.

Not just Lowell Street; bad drivers are everywhere....and cell phones are sticking out of too many drivers ears.