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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Somerville Labor Coalition Announces Candidate Endorsements

Logo of The Somerville Labor Coalition

After hosting their candidate forum on June 27th at the Somerville City Club, The Somerville Labor Coalition has announced their endorsements for the 2017 elections. The endorsed candidates are as follows:

Mayor – Payton Corbett
Alderman At-Large – William A. White Jr.
Alderman At-Large – John M. Connolly
Alderman At-Large – Dennis M. Sullivan
Alderman At-Large – Mary Jo Rossetti
Alderman Ward 1 – Matt McLaughlin
Alderman Ward 2 – Maryann Heuston
Alderman Ward 3 – Bob McWatters
Alderman Ward 4 – Jesse Clingan
Alderman Ward 5 – Mark Niedergang
Alderman Ward 6 – Lance Davis

The SLC is comprised of Somerville Firefighters Association, Somerville Police Employees Association, Somerville Police Superior Officers Association, Somerville Municipal Employees Association, Somerville Dispatchers Local 888 SEIU and NCFO Local 3 School Custodians.

Candidates running for School Committee will have an opportunity to speak in front of SLC members at a later date according to the organization. Currently, there are races in Wards 1 and 2 with incumbents running unopposed in Wards 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

On a personal note, I was honored to receive this endorsement when I served and ran for Ward 5 Alderman in 2013. I look forward to seeking their support when I run again in the future.

Courtesy of the Somerville Labor Coalition Facebook Page


Anonymous said...

No surprise here

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have elected officials that work for the people than work for organized labor.

Anonymous said...

When you run again in the future???? I hope that's true!!!!!