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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Noise Complaints About Arts at the Armory Events On BOA - Committee on Public Health and Public Safety Agenda For May 10th Meeting At 6:30pm!

Please note that a date and time have been added to the heading that was not included in the previous post!

Noise complaints by neighbors surrounding the Arts at the Armory building is on the radar of the BOA - Committee on Public Health and Public Safety. This comes on the heels of a very heated Licensing Commission meeting that resulted in the Armory being awarded a permanent beer and wine license donated by Dali Restaurant (Dali was awarded an extended license and donated the lesser license to the Armory) despite a 71 signature petition and numerous written letters by opposing neighbors.

If you, or any of your neighbors are interested in this issue, please attend this meeting as it is open to the public!

Please note that there are pending sound study results that have yet to be released. I have inquired about these results via email to Debra/A@TA and have not received a response, but am taking recent Somerville Open Studios events into consideration.

•Issues regarding 515 Somerville Avenue
•Noise complaints – Highland Avenue Armory
•Any and all business

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