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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Updated ... Community Meeting: 235 Lowell Street

There will be a community meeting regarding a proposal for 235 Lowell Street, Walnut Hill Auto Body. This meeting will detail a plan to place 6 residential units on a 6,000 square foot lot with relief being sought for parking.

Place: 235 Lowell Street/Walnut Hill Auto Body
Time: 6pm

See Plans


Unknown said...

Posting an important community meeting 24-hours in advance is not the appropriate amount of time to allow residents to attend. Please consider this for all of your future postings, out of respect for the residents and their schedules. Thank you.

Ward Five said...

Dear Kyann,

Thank you very much for reading Ward 5 Online and for your suggestion.

Due to the mix-up regarding the flyering (some residents didn't receive it) and the late notice on this website, I have informed the developer's attorney and the architect that I will be holding a second community meeting, so residents can be informed in a timely manner and have an opportunity to voice their recommendations and concerns.

Courtney O'Keefe

Jen said...

I posted this on the previous thread and encourage Kyann to read it to see your very eloquent response. I'm going to post it here too...

I appreciate the offering of second meeting. It's pretty clear the flyering issue wasn't your fault.

Clearly, you care about the neighborhood and I feel confident in you as my alder(woman) :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the second meeting, Courtney. I think this will help residents a lot!

Anonymous said...

Can I guess which person on this thread has a sign for your opponent?

Anonymous said...

Sure you can give a guess; and while at it, you can guess Courtney's supporters for election as Ward 5 Alderman.

It's not about politics my friend; it's about getting a neighborhood project done right from the get-go.... by and for the neighborhood residents.

Better than trying to fix a problem negatively impacting the neighborhood after the fact.

FYI: the neighborhood consists of supporters for BOTH candidates for the Ward 5 Alderman's chair.

murt said...

writing snarky notes to your neighbors about people is appropriate

Anonymous said...

...and so is a comeback "snarky" note!

Anonymous said...

Enough!!! There is going to be a second meeting.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else concerned about this development? That's a lot of units for our area and a loss of commercial tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

$$$$ Lost!?!?!?!?

Not in its entireity.

Do the math once the condo development is completed.
Quite possibly the city will gain enhanced $$$ revenue.

Also that eyesore building and grounds will be gone; as well as the delivery 18-wheeler and box trucks that blocked off vehicle travel lanes.

Eyesore building and grounds not applying to Winter Hill Body Shop; as that gentleman owner, over the years, took well care of his property and grounds---and kept reasonable work hours.
Never a problem!!!

Anonymous said...

Under "plans"
View from Lowell Street looking south----finished building product looks real good as a fit in the neighborhood.

Those two open doors at the end, are they doors to condo resident parking, or belonging to another entity?

Courtney said...

That question would be best answered by the developer. We will be having a second meeting on October 9th at 6:00pm. Please feel free to stop by!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the person asking the question.
What you are referring to belongs to 231 Lowell, the glass company---
not 235!