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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Word Around the Ward

The Somerville Times published a great article on Ward 5 artist and resident, Carolyn Muskat! Her studio is located on Cedar Street and she is a constant participant in Somerville Open Studios every May. The article is a great read and and mentions her exhibit at Brickbottom that's running until March 8th.

Traffic and Parking is proposing some new drop off/pick-up points around Somerville Schools in an effort to ease the congestion during the peak hours by having older students walk from locations further away from schools, leaving more room for younger students to be dropped off. What are your thoughts on these new locations? Feel free to comment below.

Fellow Somerville activist Keri Lorenzo was none too happy with Leland Cheung's comment that people reside in Somerville because they're waiting to move to Cambridge. The Chair of the SDCC took to her Facebook and Twitter pages calling out the Candidate for Lt. Governor for his recent anti-Somerville remark. She Tweeted, "Does Cambridge's @lelandcheung really expect 2 be elected by @massdems dissing #somerville? #mapoli." As a candidate for office, you learn a lot of lessons out on the campaign trail, hopefully, Lelund has learned to watch his mouth around KLo.

For the past few months, the residents of Richardson Street have been experiencing an odd issue. A 30 pack of beer cans has been left on one side of the street now up to twice a week. The cans are empty, but neatly place in the box with the box being sealed shut. Hipster prank or lazy drinker?

Want some good Real Estate reads on Somerville? Curbed Boston has a very edgy tone on the 'Ville that includes good perspectives on what's happening in our 'hood.


Anonymous said...

Re: New drop off/pick-up points around Somerville Schools...

This is the best idea I've heard about easing congestion around the schools so far. Absolutely--older children should be walking and youngsters should be dropped off. Kudos to traffic and parking for putting this forward.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. It's about time we have a higher expectation of our students AND PARENTS.

Anonymous said...

If the beer cans are Miller Lite, it's my next door neighbor. They often drop their cans with other people's idea why they don't use the recycling bin, but no one in the triple decker seems to.

Anonymous said...

Cheung's comment re Somerville residents "waiting" to relocate to Cambridge----shows his ignorance as to the contiquous population movement as between the two cities.

When Cambridge did away with rent control many years ago that opened up the floodgates of Cambridge residents relocating to Somerville.

Of course not without its unintended consequences. With the increased demand----rents in Somerville took a $$$$ jump.

The economic "supply and demand" principle kicked in; impacting increases for older long time residents.

Anonymous said...

If those empty beer cans are deposit cans---that 30-pack wouldn't be out there for very long on my street, not too far away from Richardson, before a scavenger would scoop them up.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of the new drop off points. I would like to see a few of them set up so the one that's proposed doesn't become just as congested as the front of the school. Overall a new approach needs to be proposed because it's getting dangerous and parents are getting angry.