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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Word Around The Ward...

Much like our Albion Street neighbors, rat sightings have started to be repored in the neighborhood behind Magoun Square. The critters are crossing Richardson Street early in the morning and running behind people's houses. In an effort to keep all the "two-legged rat" jokes at bay, I will not mention what street they are running up.

Is it just me or has MassDOT been showing Somerville all kinds of love in the wake of their news that the Green Line passenger availability date is now set for 7 years from now? Line painting and Community Path meetings are just two examples.

The housing market in Somerville is on fire despite drops across the state. In my daily email that I receive from Ward 5 Real Estate guru, Natasha Burger, I see prices that have a lot of zeros in them. Be sure to sign up for her list through her picture here on the website to see for yourself. $800K for a house on Willow Avenue...Wow! $499K for house on Lowell Street...Whoa!

Someone should remind the Board of Alderman how many members it needs for a quorum. Twice this week, the quorum was challenged and one meeting actually had to be adjourned because of it. There must be some quality food in the Committee Room because a majority of them were in there during the scheduled Thursday meeting, forcing Ward 7 Alderman Bob Trane to question the quorum and Ward 6 Alderman/Board President Rebekah Gewirtz to call a 2 minute recess.

Speaking of the Board of Alderman, they were all in attendance when the City Solicitor had them meet in Executive Session to discuss the Green Line Extension. No votes were taken and, so far, no word has been mentioned whether a lawsuit has/will be filed.

I am running the 16th annual Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K on October 1st at 9am. If you're not doing anything, stand somewhere along the route and cheer on the runners!

Community Cooks will be hosting Tastes of Community Cooks at the Somerville Museum located at 1 Westwood Road on Sunday 10/2 from 4-7pm. Check out the Facebook invitation for information.

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